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Once Upon a Town… stories from Central Alberta

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How do you cover a vast area like Central Alberta on a single little information blog site like this? Well, like the small towns that dot the map of the area, you think in terms of Neighbourhoods.

Our “Neighbourhoods” are essentially divided into quadrants intersecting at Highway 2 (Queen Elizabeth II Highway) north-south and Highway 27 east-west. Each of our Neighbourhoods has unique features like Badlands to the east, foothills in the west, rivers and lakes, diverse cultural experiences, all topped off with excellent dining and shopping in urban and rural settings.

There is also much these Neighbourhoods have in common. At the heart of it is our western heritage, culture and history. Indigenous culture and those of the many immigrants to the region are recognized as valuable to our identity. Agriculture is still a large part of our lifestyle, from the grain farms of the central corridor, to grazing leases for cattle, and diversified stock such as sheep, alpacas, elk and bison. Artists, artisans, and craftsmen all call this area home – you are likely to find the creative culture in all corners of the region, in traditional activities like quilting and cooking to modern visual arts and theatre productions.

There are a number of options available for a full weekend of exploration and activity, only a short trip from the major urban centres of the province.